Bird of the Soul Change Book Healing Chakras Package
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The Secret of Mago Castle
A thrilling fantasy novel that will stir your soul. Delve into ancient Korean wi...
Bird of the Soul Essential Oil
A unique aromatherapy blend of 17 different oils that opens the charkas and refr...
Bird of the Soul
Rediscover your soul with this picture book and meditation CD. We are more th...

Bird of the Soul Essential Oil Roll On
Aromatherapy for brightening your spirit Enhance every aspect of your life w...
LifeParticle Energy Meditation CD + Card
Powerful and elementary energy meditation. LifeParticles are the smallest ele...
LifeParticle Meditation
Learn an amazingly simple and effective meditation technique that is bringing pr...

Change: The LifeParticle Effect
An enlightening new perspective that reveals your creative potential and power. ...
Change: Realizing Your Greatest Potential
Start a new change today! A simple shift in perspective can change the course...
Bird of the Soul Essential Oil Mist
A blend of 17 different oils in an aromatherapy mist for your body and your spac...


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