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Best Life Media is an independent publisher committed to inspiring the best in body, mind, and spirit. We publish books and other products on self-healing, brain training, chakra healing, guided meditation, and personal growth. Our work was inspired by Ilchi Lee, a visionary who globalized Korea’s mind-body tradition. We do this work to contribute to a healthier, happier, and more peaceful world.

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  • May132021
    self care time

    Loving Yourself with Balanced Energy Flow

    When we don’t give ourselves enough self-care, we tend to feel drained and perhaps even soul-less. Our capacity to…

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  • Oct092020
    Water Up Fire Down Goodeads Giveaway

    New Water Up Fire Down Book Goodreads Giveaway

    Best Life Media’s latest publication will be released November 9, 2020. Before then, Water Up Fire Down: An Energy…

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  • May252020
    woman lying on a bed of flowers

    3 Ways to Cope with Big Change

    Most of the world is going through changes that were unexpected and unwelcome. The changes have been rapid and…

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