What is Dahn Yoga?

What is Dahn Yoga?
July 30, 2009 Michela Mangiaracina

Dahn Yoga is one of the first Brain Education methods developed by Ilchi Lee. An integrated mind-body self improvement method based on thousands-year-old Korean techniques, it combines meridian exercises, deep stretching exercises, meditative breathing techniques, joint rotation, held postures, body tapping, vibration exercises, relaxation techniques, and energy awareness training. Its objective is to help practitioners achieve their highest level of personal potential.

The traditional name for Dahn Yoga is “Dahnhak”, which literally means “the study of energy”. In Korean “Dahn” refers to the primal, vital energy which is essential to all life forms, and “Hak” refers to the study of a particular theory or philosophy. Thus, a Dahnhak practitioner is one who studies the system of energy for the purpose of personal self-development.

During Dahn Yoga training, practitioners learn to communicate with their bodies through energy. The body’s energy circulation is stimulated, activating its innate natural healing power and releasing any emotional baggage. Through consistent practice, practitioners can lead themselves back to optimal health. Essentially, they regain true mastership over their bodies through the medium of energy (Ki).

According to Dahn Yoga’s philosophical framework, humans have three bodies: a physical body, an energy body, and a spiritual body (the body of information they hold about themselves and their world). The energy body connects the physical body and the spiritual body. Because any wellness program must take all three bodies into account, Dahn Yoga’s study of energy is essential and is incorporated in every aspect of self improvement, including dieting and losing weight.

A Dahn Yoga diet encompasses more than the healthy foods, portion control, and fat-burning exercises needed for the physical body. Before starting, a goal and the reasons for it should be declared to involve the help of the spiritual body. Giving oneself encouraging messages along the way also employs all of the powers of the brain for this physical goal.

Because Dahn Yoga contends that the brain is the center of the human body and its energy system, it must be actively engaged in order for any endeavor to be successful. Since extra weight is often the result of stagnant energy remaining in the body, Dahn Yoga’s energy circulation techniques must also be practiced regularly.

Dahn Yoga was created for people who want to live better lives and gain brain health, relaxation, pain relief, stress relief, and flexibility and balance of body and mind, even while managing their busy, hectic lives. One of the advantages of Dahn Yoga is that it is easy and simple enough for anyone to learn, yet challenging for even the most advantaged practitioner. Anyone—male or female, young or old—can enjoy the various programs and benefits of Dahn Yoga.

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