Body & Brain Yoga Diet Program

Body & Brain Yoga Diet Program
July 11, 2010 Michela Mangiaracina
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The Body & Brain Yoga Diet Program is a weight loss program is based on the Asian medical concept that the “energy” (ki, chi, or qi) in your body needs to flow in order for your body to be healthy. Excess fat is usually viewed as energy that has stagnated and accumulated. Once that stagnant energy begins to move, you will begin to shed fat from your body very easily and naturally.

Your food choices have an effect on your energy flow. While some guidelines can be given, the most helpful foods for keeping your energy flowing are individual to each person. In general, you should eat fresh, unprocessed foods, especially plenty of vegetables. Avoid eating too many deserts, refined grains, or foods that are very cold. Cold food tenses your digestive system, restricting its movement. Tension is the opposite of healthy, flowing energy.

To choose the right foods, you must listen to your body. Listening to your body means really paying attention to it, especially while you are eating. The best foods to eat make you feel lighter or stronger overall. They feel good even after they have passed over your taste buds. Since there are no restrictions on what foods you can eat as part of the Body & Brain Yoga Diet Program, it will take some time to experiment with different foods and learn which ones feel better than others.

Feeling your body will also tell you how much to eat. Feel your stomach so that you know when it is hungry. When it feels almost full, you know you’ve had enough to eat.

The Body & Brain Yoga Diet Program includes daily Body & Brain Yoga exercises to dislodge and circulate the stagnant energy in your body to help you lose weight. Here are two simple and effective exercises you can try:

  • Intestine exercises: Pull the muscle wall of your abdomen below your navel as far as you can toward your spine and then push it out again. Breathe comfortably in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do at least 200 repetitions. Besides moving your energy, intestine exercises move food and waste through the intestines, aiding digestion, reducing constipation, and making the intestines warm and soft—quite the opposite of tense and cold.
  • Toe tapping: Lie down on your back with your legs straight. Bring your heels together with your ankles flexed. Tap your big toes together and then open your feet so that your little toes tap the floor. Repeat as fast as you can for at least 100 repetitions while concentrating on your toes.

Following the Body & Brain Yoga Diet Program’s combination of intuitive eating and energy circulating exercises will help you develop healthy, long-term habits for both losing fat and maintaining your ideal weight.

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