New Book Offers Insights and Instructions to Anyone Who Wants to Make Positive Change in Their Life

New Book Offers Insights and Instructions to Anyone Who Wants to Make Positive Change in Their Life
September 3, 2013 Michela Mangiaracina
Change book by Ilchi Lee

Tuesday, September 3, 2013, Sedona, AZ

In CHANGE: REALIZING YOUR GREATEST POTENTIAL, Ilchi Lee Advises to Change Your Energy First to Create Real Change in Your Life

Change: Realizing Your Greatest PotentialMost of the time we are inundated with news that paints a grim picture—a world of violence and power struggles, a world of victims powerless against the forces of natural disasters, wars, terrorism, and worse—our own bad habits.

Change: Realizing Your Greatest Potential reveals a different picture. It says each of us has a beautiful mind that desires to benefit all beings. Rather than seeing this mindset as a weakness, author Ilchi Lee portrays and encourages us to see our true nature as our greatest power and source of strength. Recognizing this reality, he says, transforms us from victims into change-makers.

According to this mind-opening book, change is inevitable. Both personally and globally, change propels our lives. Change affirms we are an intrinsic driver behind the force of change, and our creative potential is limitless.

To imbue readers with this empowering perspective, Change takes us on a round-trip that dives down deep, to the ultimate level of reality, and resurfaces to apply it to current global conditions. It inspires readers with a genuine passion for positive change for themselves and for all. Ilchi Lee points out that, according to modern scientific theories and ancient principles of the Korean Tao tradition, everything isn’t as solid as it looks. If we continue to break matter into tinier pieces, we are left with units of combined energy and consciousness. This fact reveals that our consciousness is an integral part of the manifestation of physical reality.

Lee then connects the dots between this essential information and how we can use our consciousness in our daily lives to create the changes that we’ve longed for. He offers insightful revelations and practical suggestions for harnessing our energy, and focusing our actions on change:

“Realizing that I was timeless and changeless gave me a place to stand and a kind of leverage.” Knowing all life is made of units of energy and consciousness, Lee recognized that we are all essentially the same and that this fundamental nature, a zero point, can be the catalyst for social and personal change. This point became the center and the anchor from which he could view the ceaselessly changing phenomena of the world with calmness and clarity.

“Life is expressing itself through you as it does through countless diverse forms.” Life is a force and energy that perpetually expresses itself, both within and without your awareness. Everything that we experience and recognize to be us or ours, including our body, is a phenomenon of life. Therefore, it need not be feared or fought against. Rather, if we learn to move with the flow of life, we can act in concert with it and effect positive changes.

“A quiet little voice of warning that we hear, or a feeling of roughness in the heart that we feel when we are about to say or do (or even just think) something hurtful—that’s a divine call to keep us on a right track.” Our conscience is also a phenomenon of life and therefore our true power. Harnessing our greatest potential is often simply a matter of following our conscience. We have inner navigation that guides us to what we really want and how to achieve it. Lee demonstrates how the intention to be absolutely truthful and the willingness to put the benefit of all before personal benefit hold the power to change the world.

“Thoughts become things through action.” The most powerful tool Lee gives for creating changes in our life is attention and action. No action means no creation.

The Flow of Change: “Thoughts-Words-Actions-Habits-Character-Destiny.” We should think “soft,” Lee writes. The deeper we go, the softer reality becomes—the less solid and structured. The first three on this list are soft and easier to change. And that’s where we start making changes, from the deepest and softest. These soft parts shape our behaviors and our choices, both on a personal and a global scale. In this respect, they are fundamental, more so than any material aspect.

“If habits, lifestyles, or personalities are fruits—then thoughts, words, or actions are seeds.” Ilchi Lee tells us, logically, if we change our seeds, the fruits will change accordingly. We first need to decide to change and then to be aware of our thoughts, words, and actions.

“If you want positive changes in your life, please be genuinely positive. Have positive energy.” Lee points out that saying kind words with unkind energy will hurt more than saying unkind words with unkind energy because of the hypocritical discrepancy and the lack of integrity. As energy is even softer than thoughts, he advises being truthful and changing our energy first for authentic transformation.

“It’s not the world that we need to change. It is the people who inhabit the world.” Neither is it machines that we need to change, but the people who use those machines. To effect a big change, we need to change ourselves first. Global changes can begin from smaller adjustments in our personal energy and attitudes such as breathing better, and feeling positive and accepting toward other people and living beings.

In Change: Realizing Your Greatest Potential, Ilchi Lee gives readers the means and motivation to overcome their fears and insecurities about change and make genuine, lasting changes in their lives. It turns an unavoidable condition of life from something outside of our sphere of influence to an intrinsic part of our nature.

Change will appeal widely to people interested in self-help and more specifically to those seeking advice from Eastern traditions. Readers will find an insightful combination of science and wisdom in the discussions in this book and be inspired to follow the ideas that it suggests to create the changes they have dreamed of.

This book is a companion to the movie Change: The LifeParticle Effect, a groundbreaking educational film created by the author Ilchi Lee and featuring leaders in the fields of education, neuroscience, and spirituality such as Neale Donald Walsch (author of the Conversations with God series) and Stuart Hameroff, MD (Professor Emeritus in the Department of Anesthesiology and Psychology and Associate Director for the Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona, also featured in the film What t?e ?$*! Do ?? (k)?ow!?). The movie presents a perspective that enables a clear understanding of our creative potential and tools for making real change, which this book discusses in greater depth.

Ilchi Lee is the author of 36 books including The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart, which was a New York Times bestseller and also on the USA Today, The Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times bestseller lists. A visionary and educator, he has dedicated himself to teaching energy principles and developing innovative methods to nurture the full potential of the human brain. A nature lover, he lives in Sedona, Arizona’s red rock country and travels around the world to share his dreams and ideas. He recently finished touring the United States giving talks at local premieres of Change: The LifeParticle Effect and is now continuing the tour in Asia. For more information, visit