Happiness Comes from Inside

Happiness Comes from Inside
March 30, 2015 Michela Mangiaracina
Nature Awakens meditation for loving yourself by Ilchi Lee

Marco-Antonio-RegilMexican and U.S. game show host and TV personality Marco Antonio Regil had the opportunity to read the Spanish edition of Ilchi Lee’s illustrated storybook, Bird of the Soul, titled El Pájaro del Alma. Introduced to it by a friend, he was happy to endorse it, writing:

“Esta hermosa historia me recuerda que la felicidad no viene de afuera sino de adentro. Al leerla siento claramente como el Universo nos habla a través de nuestro corazón y me inspira para vivir siempre en paz y feliz al escuchar a mi alma, entrenando a mi mente para que siempre esté al servicio del amor incondicional que viene de Dios y que es mi verdadera escencia.”

“This beautiful story reminds me that happiness doesn’t come from the outside but from inside. When I read it, I feel clearly how the Universe speaks to us through our hearts and inspires me to live always in peace and happiness—listening to my soul and training my mind to always serve the unconditional love that comes from God and that is my true essence.”

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