New Book Introduces Traditional Korean Philosophy as a Benefit to World Peace

New Book Introduces Traditional Korean Philosophy as a Benefit to World Peace
September 1, 2016 Michela Mangiaracina
Earth Management by Ilchi Lee

Best Life Media will release a new book on September 20, 2016. Earth Management: A Dialogue on Ancient Korean Wisdom and Its Lessons for a New Earth brings together thought leaders Ilchi Lee and Dr. Emanuel Pastreich for an illuminating discussion of the concept of Hongik and its potential to impact the future of the world. Hongik is the idea of benefitting others as well as yourself. When you practice Hongik, you look out for the whole and not just your small part. In a world driven by consumerism, say the authors, basing our individual and collective decisions on Hongik can steer humanity away from the perilous future predicted our current environmental trajectory. In order to do that, they believe we need to look and act beyond national borders and practice “Earth Management.” We need to consider and harmonize the needs of the entire earth in order to make a difference.

While on some level this book is a meeting of East and West, with Ilchi Lee hailing from Korea and Emanuel Pastreich coming from the United States, Prof. Pastreich has long studied and taught classical Asian culture. Currently, he serves as associate professor at the College of International Studies at Kyung Hee University and as director of the Asia Institute, “a think tank dedicat­ed to exploring the intersection of technology, climate change, and international relations.” From his integrated perspective, the West and the world can learn a lot from traditional Korean culture.

While touching on a serious subject, the outlook of Earth Management is not dire. It gives hope to the individual that their actions can effect change for the planet. People ready for change or who just want to learn something new and unique are able to pre-order the book now or get the Kindle version on

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