How Belly Button Healing Can Help Save the Planet

How Belly Button Healing Can Help Save the Planet
September 22, 2016 Aimee Hughes
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How often do you take the time to consider the sacred core of your being that is your belly button? If you really get quiet, and think about what the navel represents, you just might find something quite powerful and profound. Belly Button Healing is a wonderful and effective way to deepen your understanding of the belly button’s significance as it relates to your own being, as well as the living breathing nature of our precious planet.

When you were living in your mother’s womb, your umbilical cord, which came out of your navel, was what connected you to your mother. Through it, she gave you nutrients from her body that made it possible for you to grow. As you dig deeper, you begin to consider how your mother was connected to your grandmother through this navel-core connection. As you go deeper still, you can imagine how the lifeline that is the umbilical cord travels and connects us all from one mother to the next and ultimately takes us back to our primal roots—to Mother Earth herself.

When you really take the time to think about the belly button in this way, you realize just what a sacred part of our being it truly is, and how essential this motherly connection is to sustain life and the evolution of our species. Tapping into this sense of sacred connection, as we do during the healing modality known as Belly Button Healing, not only brings awareness to our own power source, but also to the primal one—the one that we all share—the source of all life.

This awareness is the first essential step in any type of healing, and as such, Belly Button Healing has the power to inspire us as a human race to care for our planet as we would care for our own precious child. As New York Times bestselling author Ilchi Lee so eloquently explains in his cutting edge book, Belly Button Healing: Unlocking Your Second Brain for a Healthy Life, “Everything ultimately starts inside you. First, you must become one with yourself and have an inner awakening. Then, you can feel your connection with the Source of life through a simple touch of your belly button. Similarly, if you are connected and one with yourself, even something as massive as the Earth feels as if it belongs to you, something you want to love and care for.”

Cultivating a sense of connection to something greater than you is one way to begin your own journey of healing. It’s a way of knowing just how sacred you are, and just how sacred every living creature on the planet is. Deepening this knowing is a wonderful way to bring compassion and healing to yourself, to others, and to Mother Nature. On a philosophical level, this is what Belly Button Healing is all about. It’s about gaining a greater understanding of who you are as well as your connection to the Universe. While this may sound like a bold statement for a body part so seemingly miniscule as the belly button, it actually makes perfect sense the more you begin to consider its role in the development of humanity.

Expanding your awareness and deepening the connection that travels between your belly button and Mother Earth is one of the surprising outcomes of the practice. As you might sense, reading this within the words of an article is not enough. You need to understand the subtle transformations that take place through experience. Of course, this is true of life itself. Theories and concepts can only take you so far. For true healing and transformation in any realm, one must experience the particular practice oneself. With an open mind, an open heart, and an open source of core power, like many others who practice Belly Button Healing, you too will enjoy the surprising benefits of a healing modality as simple and accessible as this one.

What’s more, you can even extend the experience to others, as Belly Button Healing is a technique you can do with your loved ones. Once you understand the vast reach of the practice, as it embraces whole healing in every sense of the word, you’ll want to share it with others, encouraging them to deepen their own connection with their inner core as it relates to the natural world. As the healing technique lends itself to sharing, this is yet another way the practice extends itself beyond a single person, and to humanity and the environment as a whole.

Belly Button Healing is a simple way to work on developing more empathy towards yourself, and as master healer Ilchi Lee teaches in his book, Belly Button Healing: Unlocking Your Second Brain for a Healthy Life, “the growing empathy you experience through Belly Button Healing doesn’t just stay inside you. It spreads out to all of the relationships you have—to your family, your friends, the communities you belong to, and ultimately to our greater home, planet Earth. In the same way that greater empathy motivates you to change yourself, as your empathy encapsulates the planet, you become motivated to make a positive impact on the world.”

Many traditions (like yoga) embody the idea that our bodies are a reflection of our environment. Our inner ecosystem is related to the outer one. Science teaches us that our tummy is an ecosystem containing trillions of microbes. Caring for this internal ecosystem, as is the case through Belly Button Healing, has a healing effect on the ecosystem around us. This is the nature of things. We’re all connected, and we’re all one.

If you’d like to deepen your understanding of your body, its sacred navel core, and its relation to the world at large, then take some time to read Belly Button Healing: Unlocking Your Second Brain for a Healthy Life, by Ilchi Lee. Its words and practices will show you just how deeply connected you are to your source—the source within, and the Source without.

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