Color Your Heart Happy with a Tao Master

Color Your Heart Happy with a Tao Master
December 2, 2016 Michela Mangiaracina
Manwol, creator of healing hearts displaying her books

New adult coloring books are popping up all the time nowadays, and their brain and stress-relieving benefits are being supported by research, but Healing Hearts: A Coloring Book for Letting Go and Starting Over stands out from the rest.

What makes Best Life Media’s first coloring book different?

1) It’s Not Just Drawings
Each picture is paired with a short inspirational message for your heart’s journey. You can take this journey in any order, but Part 1 focuses on letting go of the past—something we all need to do to heal our hearts. It calls for forgiveness, gratitude, and deeper connection to one’s heart. Part 2 propels you to start over—giving confidence, belief in yourself, passion, and dedication to achieving your dreams. Each message ends with a recommended meditation to do as you color the picture to enhance its healing effects.

An excerpt from the healing hearts available on Best life Media
2) The Author
The messages and the drawings next to them were created by Manwol, a spiritual guide of the Korean Tao tradition who has written over ten books and has given lectures, workshops, and spiritual rituals to thousands around the world. Everyone who meets Manwol is immediately impressed by her warm, open heart, and their hearts begin to heal in her presence. She has put that presence and connection into this coloring book. The act of coloring the organic and fanciful forms in Healing Hearts transfers that loving presence to you.

Best Life Media, Healing hearts author busy in her work
3) Drawings Like No Other
Manwol’s unique images are a mix of natural elements and geometric patterns that she drew as an active meditation. Reaching great heights of imagination, she combined small, precise shapes and large, flowing spaces.

illustration to keep your mind calm and relaxed

illustration to keep your mind calm and heart happy

Illustration from Tao Learning to keep you happy

A picture from Tao Learning to help you stay relaxed and happy
4) Thick Premium Paper
We used thick, premium paper to print this book, making coloring in it an even greater delight. If you want to cut out the pages (with a knife or scissor), they are thick enough to post on a wall or refrigerator, put in a frame, or give as a gift.

Healing Hearts‘s ability, like other coloring books, to calm your stress and focus your mind, combined with its added healing properties, make it the perfect gift for the upcoming holidays. It truly reflects this season of love, warmth, compassion, and hope. Best Life Media is offering discounts for when you buy packages of 5 or 10 books to make gift buying easier. You can get 15% off for the 5-pack and 20% off for the 10-pack. A Healing Hearts coloring book by Manwol is a heartfelt way to show someone you care.

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