10 Best Mind, Body and Spirit Gifts for the Holidays

10 Best Mind, Body and Spirit Gifts for the Holidays
December 7, 2016 Michela Mangiaracina
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Looking for something different and special for your personal growth-conscious friend or family member? Here is a list of our 10 favorite Best Life Media gifts that are sure to lift them to their next level.

We think they are so great, that we’ve discounted them 35% until December 24th. (Calligraphic Meditation is 45% off.)

    1. Bird of the Soul book by Ilchi Lee on Best Life Media for saleBird of the Soul Book (English and Spanish)
      This illustrated storybook with a meditation CD in the back tells the tale of man who rediscovers the faithful friend who was his constant companion as a child—his soul. Come back to your own inner support and knowing with this short story suitable for all ages, and see just how high your life can soar.


    1. Bird of the Soul Essential Oil for Sale by Best Life Media Bird of the Soul Oil (mist and dropper)
      An invigorating blend of 17 natural essential oils that will light up your spirit this season. It’s based on Bird of the Soul by Ilchi Lee and developed with the author. Use it as a room spray, to refresh fabrics, in an oil burner, insect repellent, insect bite itch reducer, personal perfume, meditation aid, and more. Wake up your mind, soothe your soul, and get your energy flowing.


    1. Calligraphic Meditation for everyday happiness by Ilchi LeeCalligraphic Meditation for Everyday Happiness
      Discover a world of wonder and wisdom in this collection of Asian calligraphy paired with inspirational messages. Observe each painting, read the Tao messages, and discover your own happiness. This beautiful hardcover adds sophistication to any home, and the 52 short messages give you easily-digestible doses of the energy and realizations author Ilchi Lee has accumulated over his 36 years of study and teaching.


    1. Chakra wall art for cleaning and healing your chakrasHealing Chakras Wall Art
      A beautiful 6″ x 42″ vertical hanging decoration that doubles as a meditation tool for chakra balancing and healing. Each of the 7 chakra images was originally hand-painted by artist Al Choi with the guidance of Ilchi Lee, author of the award-winning book Healing Chakras. The banner is made of durable fabric ended with two aluminum poles and a clear string for easy and stable hanging.


    1. Nature Heals Audio by Ilchi Lee online on Best Life MediaNature Heals meditation CD
      Wind, water, sun, trees, wind, and earth—listen to these guided meditations with nature sounds and immerse yourself in the healing energies of the earth. We all need at least a bit of nature to keep ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. With Nature Heals, you can take nature’s elements with you wherever you go.


    1. Nature Awakens Audio by Ilchi Lee online on Best Life MediaNature Awakens meditation CD
      The sequel to Nature Heals, Nature Awakens zeroes in on healing your heart. The nature meditations on this 7-track CD soothe your hurts and awaken and expand the love inside you. Connect with the tranquility of the ocean, the oneness of the moon, the presence of a flower, and more. A great complement to the spirit of the end-of-the-year season.


    1. Body and brain yoga essential with Dawn Quaresima on Best Life MediaBody & Brain Yoga Essentials<br?>A strong, flexible body full of energy can be yours with a daily Body & Brain Yoga class. Now you can take one at home or while traveling with this DVD. Led by certified instructor and national trainer Dawn Quaresima, the 90-minute class includes key Body & Brain exercises and an additional 10-minute breathing posture segment. The class includes a 15-minute Brain Wave Vibration segment. For beginners and experts.


    1. Magnetic Meditation kit for sale online at Best Life MediaMagnetic Meditation Kit
      Not only do magnets have healing effects on the human body, but they also help you meditate! This kit comes with an illustrated instructional book, 3 hematite magnets, and a velvet carrying case to help you quiet and focus your mind without hours of practice.


    1. 21 Day Journal, a journey of personal transformation book on Best Life Media21-Day Journal
      Change a habit in 21 days with this inspirational lined journal that encourages and guides you every step of the way. Filled with striking photos of nature and words of wisdom from bestselling author and personal growth expert Ilchi Lee. You can reflect on and record you progress each day, and plan what you will improve for the next one.


  1. Wisdom Cards by Ilchi available for sale at Best Life MediaWisdom Cards
    Answers to your questions or a special message for your day are readily available with this beautiful card deck based on the Chun Bu Kyung, an over 9,000-year-old sacred Korean text. Each card shows one of the 81 characters of the Chun Bu Kyung, its name, its English meaning, and the wisdom it imparts. The deck also includes 2 instruction cards.

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