7 Tao Quotes to Lift You Up into 2017

7 Tao Quotes to Lift You Up into 2017
December 28, 2016 Michela Mangiaracina
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Painting with multitudes of colors representing bird flying

Are you ready for 2017? Every year, we all go through successes and failures. The messages Manwol Son includes in her new adult coloring book, Healing Hearts: A Coloring Book for Letting Go and Starting Over, help you move past the failures toward a new success. Her words are based on Tao, the never-ending, never-changing force and energy that underlies all life. She has studied Tao, embodied it, and taught it for over 20 years. Manwol has condensed her experience into the words and drawings this book.

Here are a few quotes of this deeper truth to help you make the transition into the new year.

7 quotes to bring a lift to your life in 2017


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