February Editors’ Pick: Loving Vibrations to Open Your Heart

February Editors’ Pick: Loving Vibrations to Open Your Heart
February 21, 2017 Michela Mangiaracina
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The delicate pump in your chest gets a lot of attention in February, the month of love and heart health. It’s a vital organ, both physically and energetically, that’s highly affected by stress and emotion. The heart needs constant care to keep it steady and keep blood and energy flowing smoothly through it.

As one way to help keep your heart open and healthy, we recommend natural, settling rhythms that calm stress and remove energetic clogs. These rhythms can be made through movement, sound, or sight. They can be communicated through the power of touch or in loving and inspirational messages.

Here are 10 of our products that can do just that. They are all 30% off until February 28th.

Nature awakens audio by Ilchi Lee for meditation Nature Awakens: Meditations for Loving Yourself
Six guided meditations set to nature sounds let you experience the loving heart of nature, drawing out your self-love in the process. The ocean, sunset, moon, and more will speak to you of the tranquility, beauty, love, and oneness you have inside. Your heart will resonate with the rhythms of nature—the most healing rhythms—and your heart will warm with love. Sit back, relax, and let your heart be strengthened by waves of life energy.

Bowing by Ilchi Lee for meditation purpose online at best life mediaBowing: A Moving Meditation for Personal Transformation
You can make healing rhythms with your own body, such as the repetitive rhythm of bowing meditation. Each movement of the full prostraton described in detail in this illustrated hardcover connects with the rhythm of nature. As each joint and muscle flows through the bow, your heart beats faster and your heart energy center (chakra or dahnjon) opens. Bowing meditation is a profound daily practice that will keep your heart strong all year long.

Healing Rhythms CD by Sun Poong now on Best Life MediaHealing Rhythms: Music for Dynamic Meditation and Vibrational Healing
The rhythms of music on this CD are the best for your body, mind, and spirit, including your heart. The drums, flutes, and voices come together to reduce stress, remove energy blocks, and ignite the passion in your heart. You can just listen to the music or let your body follow along, letting it move as it wants.

Life Particle Sound Healing CD by Ilchi Lee on best life mediaLifeParticle Sound Healing
Crystal singing bowls, gongs, and flutes make the healing rhythms on this music CD that make powerful vibrations through your whole body. LifeParticles are the smallest units of life. They are matter, energy, and consciousness as one. The vibrations from this music will knock away any negative or diseased LifeParticles and replace them with positive, healthy ones.

Bird of the Soul by Ilchi LeeBird of the Soul
The inner child within your heart will feel comforted and alive after reading this illustrated storybook and following the guided meditation CD that comes with it. It tells the story of a man named Jay and his relationship with his soul, symbolized by a sweetly, singing bird. Taking care of your heart includes taking care of the Bird of the Soul. This book reveals you how. It’s also available in Spanish.

White Dragon by Arang Park now on Best Life MediaWhite Dragon
Purely for listening, the instrumental music on this CD by Arang Park was inspired by nature and aims to reawakening your dreams. Calming and soothing, the 14 songs help you experience peace as they activate the natural, subtle rhythms within you. They are also useful as a meditation aid. Tracks such as “Forgiveness,” “Peace River,” and “New Beginning,” will help you release the old and prepare for a fresh start.

Home Healing Massage for relax therapy on Best life mediaHome Healing Massage: Hwal-gong for Everyday Wellness
Your heart loves helping others, and what better way than making vibrations in their body through acupressure massage. This illustrated how-to book teaches you the ins and outs of the Korean art of Hwal-gong, which not only feels good, but opens up the energy pathways in your body. You’ll help your own heart and heal someone else’s as well. You can massage the whole body, or concentrate on a specific part, such as the hands or feet. Even if you’ve never given a massage, this book will help you do it confidently.

The heavenly code power of the chun bu kyung on best life mediaPower of the Chun Bu Kyung
The Chun Bu Kyung is an 81-character ancient Asian scripture and chanting it is the most potent form of sound healing. Tao masters chant and sing it on this CD, and listening to it will clear any heavy or negative emotions from around your heart. Included are tracks that describe the history and meaning of the Chun Bu Kyung so you can become more familiar with this text that communicates fundamental principles of creation.

Bowing Book by Ilchi Lee available on Best Life MediaIlchi Calligraphy Note Cards
Get good vibrations by looking at the images on these two sets of note cards featuring brush calligraphy Ilchi Lee made while in a meditative state. Give them to someone you love to share good vibrations with others. They are printed on high quality paper and are blank inside so you can express the vibrations in your heart freely. There are two sets of five cards, each with a different image. Check out set A and set B.

Ilchi Lee presents Inspiration for your day available on Best Life MediaInspiration for Your Day: Poems and Messages to Lift Your Heart
When you add words to music, they have double the healing effect. These 14 poems and messages by Ilchi Lee will stir up the energy around your heart. They will help you let the past go and give you hope for the future. They also speak of the energy and mysteries of life; hearing them can bring peace to your heart.


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