Create Your Happiness with LifeParticles

Create Your Happiness with LifeParticles
March 9, 2017 Nicole Dean
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At first glance, the people of the world seem very diverse, with many different cultures and ways of life. But when you look closely, you can see that we are not so different after all. We all want similar things in life—a comfortable lifestyle, a supportive family, enough money to live well, and so on. We want these things because they all bring us one thing—happiness.

The Brain Is the Source of Your Happiness

You may notice, though, that accomplishments and attainments in the world do not always lead to lasting happiness. Some people in the world appear to “have it all,” yet they are still miserable. This is because happiness never comes from outside of ourselves; it comes from the inside.

Even if something that happens to you in the external world makes you ecstatically happy—winning the lottery, let’s say—the joy you feel is still only happening inside of you. The external events of our lives, in fact, are always neutral; there is nothing inherent about them that “makes” you happy or sad. It’s only the beliefs and preconceptions we hold inside that make an event “happy” or “sad.” If you give a chipmunk your winning lottery ticket, he will not be jumping for joy because it has no meaning for him. He might take it to line his nest, but that will be it. Even another human being might not care, if he is from a different culture that provides him with no internal understanding of lotteries.

So, happiness is dependent on the information we hold about the world. And where do we store and manufacture our information? In our brain! Our brain is where we experience happiness, it’s where we store the information that determines our emotional state, and it where we manufacture hormones that influence our moods and emotions. That’s why people never find happiness just by seeking fame and fortune in the world. They are lost, looking for happiness in all the wrong places. Instead, they should be looking for it inside their own brains, not somewhere in the outside world.

Breathe in the LifeParticles of Happiness

So, how do we make our brains happy? By giving them positive information and by using their power to direct energy. The human brain is an amazing creativity machine that is responsible for all the amazing technology and abundance that we see in the world today. If we can send telescopes out beyond the reaches of our solar system, and we can build accelerators that smash atoms into tiny particles, can’t we also create our own happiness?

Yes, we certainly can, and the best way is to use the brain’s amazing power to direct the flow of energy. Masters of energy study often say, “Where mind goes, energy follows.” In other worlds, wherever you direct your concentration, energy will go. You can see this in a common-sense way in the physical world around you—whatever you focus on is likely to be completed, while those things receiving no focus never get done.

In the case of emotions like happiness, we cannot see this happening physically, so it is important to understand it energetically. Whenever the mind is focused in a certain direction, LifeParticles, the smallest unit of life energy, will go in the same direction. So, to create happiness in our brains, it is wise to deliberately send energy to our brains to support our own happiness. Combined with breath exercises, you can very easily direct powerful LifeParticle energy to your brain. Here is a simple LifeParticles breathing exercise:

Simple LifeParticle Brain Breathing

  • Relax your body completely while sitting comfortably with your eyes closed. For best results, take the half-lotus posture with your back straight and your hand resting gently on your legs.
  • Breathe in comfortably through your nose, filling your chest and abdomen with air.
  • Exhale slowly through the mouth, allowing all tension to leave the body.
  • After a couple of minutes, begin to imagine bright energy in the form of LifeParticles entering your head and into your brain, filling it up with bright light. As you do so, LifeParticles will bring bright, loving energy, otherwise known as happiness, to your brain.

Happiness Is Happiness for Everyone

Once you have mastered the art of sending energy to your own brain, don’t forget to pass it forward! LifeParticles are not limited by time and space, so you can send them to anyone anywhere in the world. An important way to maintain happiness is to realize and act upon the connection you have with every other living being on the planet. So, try sending them love in the form of LifeParticles, with the intent of helping them heal emotionally or physically.


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