Turbo Boost the Law of Attraction with LifeParticle Meditation

Turbo Boost the Law of Attraction with LifeParticle Meditation
March 16, 2017 Michela Mangiaracina
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The Law of Attraction says you attract to you the things and people your thoughts and emotions focus on. But what happens when your thoughts are scattered and your various wants and desires conflict with one another? It becomes hard to manifest even one of them.

When you can focus on what you really want, however, your mind draws together LifeParticles—what LifeParticle Meditation author Ilchi Lee calls the smallest units of matter, energy, and consciousness combined—and when enough accumulate, what you want appears in your life.

Easier said than done? Training and practice can make it possible. There are meditation techniques that help you zero into and create what you want. Vibration exercises shake away extraneous thoughts and negative emotions and help your awareness go deeper inside. Instead of only being aware of the superficial outer layers of your conscious mind, you become more aware of your unconscious mind and the automatic functions of your body that are controlled by your brain stem at the innermost part of your brain. Stretching your awareness from your conscious mind to your unconscious mind allows you to see the wants that may be pulling you in different directions and the habits, emotions, and preconceptions that counteract the different experiences and things you would rather have. Seeing is the first step to choosing, and choosing comes before focus and manifestation.

Breathing exercises also help you calm your mind, deepen your awareness, and strengthen your center. Bringing your breathing down to your abdomen, your core, so that your belly expands as you inhale and contracts as you exhale, is especially centering. With clarity and a strong center, you naturally focus better.

Once you’ve trained your mind and body in this way, you can practice visualization exercises and picture what you want. In this mental and emotional state, your visualization goes straight down into your unconscious mind, which accepts what we imagine as reality just as easily as it accepts what we see. Clear and deepened awareness makes visualization more powerful.

In addition to your end goal, you can picture action steps to reach it and take those actions. Movement and action in the physical world move more LifeParticles than thoughts alone. Moving the dense energy of your body helps greater amounts energy circulate overall. Even actions and movements seemingly unrelated to your goal, if you do them while remaining focused on what you want, will help accumulate LifeParticles for it. Truly choosing an outcome means putting all of your energy behind it consistently. That includes using your body, and also selecting that outcome  when faced with other options and not giving up when it seems unlikely to happen.

Try this meditation practice to help you use LifeParticles to create your best life.

  1. Sit with your spine as straight as you can for the most efficient energy circulation. Its helpful to imagine a string attached to the top of your head pulling your head and torso up. Keep your shoulders relaxed, however. You can sit in a chair with your feet flat on the ground, or sit in a half-lotus posture on any flat yet comfortable surface.
  2. Start the meditation practice with Ilchi Lee’s Brain Wave Vibration exercise. Using the pinky side of your loose fists, tap your abdomen two inches below your navel. This point lies at and over your energetic and physical center. Tapping it stimulates and strengthens your core. As you tap, feel the sensations in that area. Notice the feeling of your fists striking your body with just enough force to feel deeply stimulating. Observe any pain or discomfort you may have or any warmth or coldness in that area. When you exhale, release your breath through your mouth to let go of your thoughts and emotions (i.e., stagnant energy) more easily.
  3. As you tap, you will feel your body and mind relax little by little. Begin to move your body freely to the rhythm of your tapping. Try starting by moving your head from side to side, as if you were nodding, “No,” and then letting your shoulders and torso follow your head’s lead. Whether strong or gentle, let all of your movements be relaxed. Give control of your movements over to your body without instructing or forcing it to move in a certain way, with the exception of the tapping.
  4. Do this Brain Wave Vibration exercise for five minutes or more. You may experience more thoughts and emotions at first, but, gradually, they will clear. Continue the exercise until you feel clear and calm.
  5. After you stop, continue to sit with your spine straight and focus on your abdomen. Breathe without trying to breathe in a particular way, and in your relaxed state, your breathing will naturally begin to stem from your abdomen. Breathe for about three minutes.
  6. Then, visualize in the screen of your mind (what Ilchi Lee calls a MindScreen) the image above of the LifeParticle Sun, a a geometric representation of the source of LifeParticles—the source of life. Imagine golden particles from the LifeParticle Sun filling your body.
  7. Next, imagine the outcome you want to create in as much detail as possible. See different action steps you could take. Visualize golden LifeParticles going to that outcome and see the picture shining brilliantly. Feel what it would be like if it really happened. Use all of your senses to imagine it.
  8. Say to yourself or out loud, “I can do it. This work is already done.”
  9. Be grateful for all of the things, people, and situations you have now, and then all of the ones you will create in the future.
  10. Complete the meditation with three deep cleansing breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.
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The LifeParticle Sun

Use this meditation to remove obstacles and align your body and mind with your goals. Practicing it will give you the power to attract LifeParticles that will coalesce into a deeply satisfying life.


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