Editors Pick Your Father’s Day Gifts

Editors Pick Your Father’s Day Gifts
June 7, 2017 Michela Mangiaracina
Father and daughter sharing light moments

Dads are expected to have strong shoulders—at least metaphorically. And while they don’t necessarily shoulder the entire responsibility for their family, the heavy burden they carry with love can make dads’ shoulders stiff and heads hot. Chronic stress often goes along with it too, bringing many health issues, big or small.

A busy life can make it hard to deal with stress and tension that never seems to end, but a simple moving meditation that’s also good for the brain can help. It doesn’t take much time and can be done anywhere (except maybe while driving). You don’t need to learn anything and you don’t need much practice before it starts to work. Your shoulders, neck, and head relax, your breathing gets deeper, and your mind gets calmer and clearer in just about five minutes of doing what New York Times bestselling author and meditation expert Ilchi Lee calls Brain Wave Vibration.

To get the benefits of Brain Wave Vibration, all you need to do is shake. Of course, there are more techniques than that, which are explained and guided in our line of Brain Wave Vibration products, all of which are on sale until Father’s Day for 30 percent off. But in a nutshell, making vibrations with your own body is the equivalent of giving yourself a massage or going back to the days when your mother rocked you to sleep; it’s soothing and relaxing and even slows down your brain waves.

Our line of discounted Father’s Day gifts also includes other items that are good for your brain and soothing for the body. Here’s what we recommend.

Brain wave vibration audio book available for sale on Best Life Media Brain Wave Vibration Products
There’s a paperback, an audiobook, a guided meditation CD, and a music CD—all the means you need to start doing Brain Wave Vibration every day. We’d recommend doing it more than once a day and whenever you feel tense and stiff.
The power brain by Ilchi Lee now on sale at Best Life Media The Power Brain: Five Steps to Upgrading Your Brain Operating System
This book, published just last year, is Ilchi Lee’s definitive guide to all of his brain-related principles and practices, including Brain Wave Vibration. It’s great for those dads who’re ready to go in-depth or who just like to know everything.
In Full Bloom by Ilchi Lee now for sale on Best Life Media In Full Bloom: A Brain Education Guide for Successful Aging
Also by Ilchi Lee, this book applies his five step Brain Education training to overcoming and reversing potential decline of brain and body with age. If your dad has been talking about age-related changes he’s facing, he might enjoy the practical advice and illustrated exercises in this book. It was co-written by Dr. Jessie Jones, the director of the Fibromyalgia Research and Education Center, and a past director of both the Center for Successful Aging and the Ruby Gerontology Center at California State University, Fullerton.
Principles of Brain Management Ilchi Lee CDs on Best Life Media Principles of Brain Management: A Practical Approach to Making the Most of Your Brain
With the same principles as Ilchi Lee’s other Brain Education books, this handy, short guide simplifies it all. It has small tips your dad can easily apply to his daily life that will make a big difference in his stress and his enjoyment of life.
Brain Vitality Meditation by Ilchi Lee now on Best Life Media Brain Vitality Meditation: Revitalizing Your Brain with Deep Meditation and Breathing
This guided meditation CD includes visualizations and energy meditations that both soothe and stimulate the brain so that dad can be ready for whatever life throws at him.
Turn on Your BOS by Ilchi Lee available online at Best Life Media Turn on Your BOS (Brain Operating System)
Brain Education creator Ilchi Lee likens our brain’s processes to a computer’s operating system and tells you how to get it running efficiently in this recorded one and a half hour lecture.
Ilchi Lee Presents Peace in the Brain available online Peace in the Brain
Another recorded lecture given by Ilchi Lee, Peace in the Brain reminds dads that our potential for peace is already in our brain. The recording includes a live vibration training given by Ilchi Lee to which your dad can follow along to lift away his stress to discover the peace beneath it.



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