Good Things Come in Pairs: Our Beginning of Summer Sale

Good Things Come in Pairs: Our Beginning of Summer Sale
June 22, 2017 Michela Mangiaracina
Natural healing pair sale available online at Best Life Media

One of something is good, but often two is better. Even better than that is having two things that complement and add value to each other. That’s why to celebrate the official beginning of summer, we decided to pair up some of our natural health and wellness products and offer them to you for the price of one. These pairs bring books and tools together to help you engage in different energy meditation modalities. You can choose one for your chakras, one for creative visualization, and/or one for energy healing.

What can these product pairs do for you?

Healing Chakra Wall Art + Healing Chakras Desktop Guide

Healing Chakras by Ilchi Lee now on sale at Best Life MediaOne major technique for healing and balancing your chakras is chakra color and image visualization. Chakras are energy centers that are influenced by light. Each chakra is influenced by a particular color. By seeing or imagining its color, you clear and stimulate that chakra, bringing it back into balance.

The Healing Chakras Desktop Guide has instructions for chakra visualization and includes chakra images that are easy to meditate with. The same images are shown on the vertically hanging banner. This Healing Chakra Wall Art gives you a better angle from which to meditate on the images and adds good chakra energy to a space as well.

LifeParticle Meditation + LifeParticle Energy Meditation CD

Life Particle Meditation by Ilchi Lee available on Best Life MediaLifeParticles, says LifeParticle Meditation author Ilchi Lee, are the most basic units of life and are the unity among energy, matter, and consciousness. Essentially, everything is made of particulate energy that responds to the mind. Through LifeParticle Meditation techniques, you can tap into the world of LifeParticles and more easily create the life you want.

This product pair includes the seminal book on LifeParticles, LifeParticle Meditation: A Practical Guide to Healing and Transformation, which tells you all you need to know to use them. The audio meditations on the accompanying CD, LifeParticle Energy Meditation, guide you easily through LifeParticle Meditation. It even includes preparation exercises for cleaning the clutter out of your mind and personal energy field. The meditations also show you how to do energy healing on yourself and others, both in-person and remotely.

The Solar Body + Solar Energy Circuit Cards

Solar Body, secret to natural healing by Ilchi Lee now on Best life mediaSolar Bodies are people who are full of life, vitality, and passion. They have total health and live life authentically to the fullest. While this may seem like a tall order, it’s possible when you know and apply the universal principles of energy revealed in The Solar Body: The Secret to Natural Healing by llchi Lee. In addition to these essential principles, Lee describes specific circuits of energy you can use to clear, activate, and brighten the energy in your body and brain. These circuits are depicted on the Solar Energy Circuit Cards that we’ve included with the book. The circuit cards and the instructions behind each make it easier for you to make your body a Solar Body.

These pairs will only be available from June 26th to 30th, so we hope you check them out and see if they resonate with you.


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