10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Making a New Year’s Resolution

10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Making a New Year’s Resolution
January 3, 2018 Michela Mangiaracina

“The years pass and the seasons change in accordance with the cycles of nature, but it is you who gives meaning to those changes and you who chooses renewal. Unless you reflect on what you’ve learned through the past year and on how you will apply those lessons to your future life, aging another year won’t make you any wiser.” —Ilchi Lee in I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years: The Ancient Secret to Longevity, Vitality, and Life Transformation

When you’re reflecting on the past year and making plans for the next, keep these questions in mind. They are inspired by Ilchi Lee’s new book, I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years. Use them to see your life more clearly and discover the things that are most important to you. In each moment, we all have limited energy and willpower. With these questions, you can use those resources to create a life in which your heart feels full and free.

  1. When were you most joyful?
  2. What moments in your life do you regret?
  3. Who have you considered precious so far?
  4. What values did you try to remain true to in your life?
  5. What has motivated you when you’ve made goals?
  6. What were the reasons you couldn’t do the things you wanted to do?
  7. In what ways do you support or give to others?
  8. What makes you feel energized?
  9. Which habits do you want to discard?>

  10. Do you truly believe you can give health, happiness, and peace to yourself?

With the new awareness you gain from reflecting on these ten questions, think about what you would like to expand and contract in your life over the next year. Keep coming back to them over the course of the year to see how your answers change and to renew your resolve to create a life in which you experience ongoing satisfaction and joy.

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