January Editors’ Pick: Chun Bu Kyung Wisdom Card Deck

January Editors’ Pick: Chun Bu Kyung Wisdom Card Deck
January 31, 2018 Michela Mangiaracina
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Best Life Media has redesigned one of its classic products, Wisdom Cards: 81 Chun Bu Kyung Cards for Daily Meditation. With lighter colors and a more fluid brush calligraphy style, the new design gives a calmer, brighter, and more hopeful feeling. Added to the deck are informational cards that share the full message of the ancient Chun Bu Kyung text in one place, as well as more information about the calligraphy and the deck’s creator, Ilchi Lee.

What’s the same is the wisdom the cards contain. The Chun Bu Kyung is an 81-character Asian text that is over 9,000 years old. It expresses the creation and evolution of the cosmos and everything in it—including humanity and our personal life journey. Each card shows one Chinese character, its Korean verbalization, its English translation, and the deeper meaning behind it. In addition, one card displays all 81 characters with their names in Korean transliteration and English.

Though the Chun Bu Kyung and its messages may appear esoteric, the essential principles it expresses can be applied to our daily lives. Whenever we have a question or want a new insight, we can randomly draw one or more cards from the deck and apply their messages to our lives. As we go about our day, we can keep those ideas in mind to gain additional awakenings as we see their meaning reflected back to us even in the smallest circumstances. When we don’t have a question, picking a card once a week or once a day can change our mindset to one that is reflective, inspired, and meaningful.

This wisdom card deck makes exploring a deep subject attainable and fun. We are fed fundamental ideas in bite-sized amounts in a way that’s applicable to our lives. As we become aware of these principles, we can better see and correct patterns in our lives that push against nature and, in doing so, make our lives more difficult. We hope the new card deck adds joy and wonderment to many lives.


The Full Translation of the Meaning of the Chun Bu Kyung:
Everything begins in one, but that one has no beginning.
One is divided into three, but its source is not expended.
Of the three, heaven is the one that emerged first, earth is the one that emerged second, and humanity is the one that emerged third.
The one comes together to make ten (completion), and this becomes three without limit.
Heaven obtains two to become three, earth obtains two to become three, and humanity obtains two to become three.
The great three combine and revive as six, six grows into seven and eight and cycles at nine.
Three and four come together to make a circle, and five and seven come together to become one.
All things mysteriously come and go within the order of this, and, although their purposes change, their Source does not change.
Our original mind is like the sun and seeks the brightness; heaven and earth exist within humanity as one.
Everything ends in one, but that one is without ending.

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