April Editors’ Picks: Celebrating Earth Day

April Editors’ Picks: Celebrating Earth Day
April 12, 2018 Michela Mangiaracina
Ilchi Lee books for Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up this month, and many people’s thoughts are turning to the actions we can take to preserve and protect our natural environment. The theme for 2018 is Ending Plastic Pollution, and communities and organizations are looking for ways to change our laws and our habits to transform the way we use and dispose of plastics.

In the midst of this activism, consciousness leaders such as Ilchi Lee, don Miguel Ruiz, and Thich Nhat Hanh have been asking us to take a step back and reframe the way we think about the Earth and our relationship to it. Rather than something that surrounds us and is available for our use—something outside of us—they say that the Earth is a part of us and we are a part of the Earth. We are inseparable from it, as if we were an organ in the great body composed of all life on the planet. In that sense, whatever we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves. And unless we live in harmony with the Earth and its creatures, all life will be out of balance.

Ilchi Lee suggests connecting with the Earth through meditation in order to feel this oneness with it. When we do, we gain the willingness to change our ways to be in harmony with the Earth’s cycles and needs. This change in consciousness is essential, he believes, in order for enough people to overcome inertia and disagreements and to convert ideas into action.

In celebration of Earth Day this month, our editors’ picks stimulate and enlighten you in how to make harmony with the Earth—and within yourself. We hope they serve as powerful connections between you and the Earth.

Earth Management - Dr. Emanuel Pastreich and Ilchi Lee book Earth Management: A Dialogue on Ancient Korean Wisdom and Its Lessons for a New Earth (25% off)
This dynamic and easy-to-follow conversation by mind-body expert Ilchi Lee and Asian Studies professor Dr. Emanuel Pastreich examines how humanity fell into disharmony with the earth and how we can get back on track. See the unique perspective of the values of traditional Korean culture, and be assured that small daily actions taken by individuals can have a real impact on the environmental issues we face today.
Earth Citizen by Ilchi Lee now on sale at Best Life Media Earth Citizen: Recovering Our Humanity (25% off)
We are citizens of a nation or members of a religion, but what if we took a larger view? In order to work together to care for the planet, New York Times bestselling author Ilchi Lee suggests we take on a new identity—that of an Earth Citizen. Earth Citizens take pride in their homeland and use its resources judiciously. They recognize that the person living on the other side of the world is an Earth Citizen too, part of their own tribe, rather than someone foreign to battle for resources against. Through this short book, learn more about Earth Citizenship and the Earth Citizen Movement Ilchi Lee initiated.
The Secret of Mago Castle by Rebecca Tinkle now for sale on Best Life Media The Secret of Mago Castle (25% off)
Mother Earth is in danger, but the fulfillment of an ancient promise can save her. This modern-day fantasy novel by Rebecca Tinkle shows you how you can also be a hero for the Earth. Explore the world of energy and spirituality and see what it will take to begin a new Earth-conscious era.
Nature Heals by Ilchi Lee CDs on Best Life Media Nature Heals: Meditations for Self-Healing (40% off)
Immerse yourself in the elemental properties of the planet (rain, water, sun, trees, wind, and earth) and experience the healing energies of the Earth. With these guided meditations, which include nature sounds, you can connect with nature wherever you are and rebalance any disharmony in your body, mind, or spirit. Available as a CD or Digital Download.
Nature Awakens by Ilchi Lee CDs now on Best Life Media Nature Awakens: Meditations for Loving Yourself (40% off)
Awaken deeply to loving yourself through these six guided nature meditations. By connecting to the birds, sun, flowers, ocean, and even the sky in its day and night time glory, you will experience the love in your heart that characterizes your true nature. Use these meditations to feel the love of the Earth. Available as a CD or Digital Download.


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