July Editors’ Picks: Make Your Body Solar

July Editors’ Picks: Make Your Body Solar
July 5, 2018 Michela Mangiaracina
The Solar Body book and meditation cards

It’s hot right now—at least in most of the Northern Hemisphere. Kids are out of school. Adults are taking vacation. It’s a perfect time to go solar—to have a solar body that is.

What is a solar body? It’s a body that’s vibrant and full of life. It’s one that’s in balance and one whose natural healing ability is working at full capacity. That means it’s more resistant to stress and can best fight off infections, inflammation, and toxins. And since body and mind are connected, a solar body comes with a solar mind: one that has a positive attitude and a passion for life.

The concept of a solar body was introduced by New York Times bestselling author Ilchi Lee in his book of that name: The Solar Body: The Secret to Natural Healing. One key word in this title is natural. In the book, Lee introduces ways you can improve and maintain your own health naturally with just three key concepts and three simple methods.

He says there are three switches that turn on your natural healing power that you need to flip simultaneously:

  • Feel your body heat.
  • Control your breathing.
  • Observe with your mind.

One of the most important concepts for having a solar body is temperature. Life on the planet and the life of your body can only be maintained within a narrow range. At too low or high a temperature, the body’s organs and functions will eventually shut down. But within this narrow range, keeping your body at the higher end helps it work optimally. Your immune system is more active, your digestion is better, and your metabolism is higher.

The three methods Ilchi Lee’s book gives for turning on these switches are:

  • Solar Body Exercises
  • Sunlight Meditation
  • Solar Energy Circuit Training

So while you are lying in the sun this summer, take some time to do it mindfully. Feel the heat of the sun penetrating your body, and feel the act of your body breathing. Carefully notice the change in your body temperature and the air flowing in and out of your mouth, throat, and lungs. Your natural healing ability will recharge.

When you’re not in the sun, you can use Solar Energy Circuit Training to raise your natural healing ability. Solar Energy Circuits are twelve different patterns of cosmic energy that can be used to clean and amplify your body’s energy in a short period of time. You can use Ilchi Lee’s Solar Energy Circuit Cards to guide you in meditating with Solar Energy Circuits wherever you are.

To help you turn your body into a solar body this summer and get ready for the cold season ahead, we’ve put Ilchi Lee’s book, The Solar Body, and his Solar Energy Circuit Cards on sale. Get The Solar Body at 25% off and the Solar Energy Circuit Cards at a whopping 40% off on our Specials page until July 31st.


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