NEW Music Compilations for Healing and Relaxation

NEW Music Compilations for Healing and Relaxation
July 20, 2018 Michela Mangiaracina
Healing and Relaxation Music Compilations

Having the perfect playlist for all of life’s adventures just makes everything go better. Music can pump you up or put you to sleep. It can even help the body heal and rejuvenate. Music fuels your life.

Best Life Media would like to add to your life’s playlist with three new music compilations for healing and relaxation made up of the best tracks from our albums. These compilations nurture and support you so that you’re ready to conquer the world . . . or at least your life.

Vibration Exercise Music Compilation: These percussion music tracks get your body to shake and wiggle away tension and stress, slowing down your brain waves in the process and refreshing your body and mind.

Meditation & Relaxation Music Compilation: A soothing mix of flute, piano, and strings, this mix helps you unwind and gently coaxes you into a meditative state.

Ilchi Lee’s Vocal Sound Healing Compilation: Chanting of ancient spiritual texts by a Tao master while in a meditative state clears you of toxins and brings you back into resonance with your soul and spirit.

All three albums are available in MP3 format and can be downloaded and played on your favorite device.

Check out all of our music downloads here.



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