New Watercolor Art Exhibition by Author Manwol on

New Watercolor Art Exhibition by Author Manwol on
January 23, 2020 Best Life Media
Tao Master Manwol Art Exhibition

The artwork of Healing Hearts: A Coloring Book for Letting Go and Starting Over author Manwol is being exhibited on from January 20–February 16, 2020. Through this Tao Master Manwol Art Exhibition, reprints of three series of watercolor and ink paintings are available for sale in the United States. The prints are hand-framed and made to order.

This is the first time Manwol’s individual artwork is available for purchase in the United States. The work in this exhibition speaks of the fortunes and blessings that come from being in harmony with nature, with the essence of life—Tao.

Manwol, a Tao master and founder of the Sun Tao practice in South Korea, produced her artwork in deep meditation. Each piece exhibits the open heart for which she is known and loved. Her art goes beyond outer beauty and can be felt through energy and breath.

Manwol said, “I put in my soul and my dreams when I paint. It is a loving heart and a prayer to the world. I hope that the energy of people who see the paintings will be full and bright.”

3 Fortune Talisman Framed Paintings

Her wish comes in the form of twelve Fortune Talismans that represent different intentions for a positive future such as finding a soulmate, business success, and calming the mind.

3 Zodiac Animal Framed Paintings

A series of 12 Zodiac Animals also helps bring specific energies into a space through the characteristics of each animal of the Asian Zodiac. This series is appropriate as the Lunar New Year approached on January 25th.

3 Life in Motion Framed Paintings

Her Life in Motion series displays human beings playing in and celebrating the energy of nature’s elements. Each painting in this series represents important topics such as change, love, and courage.

Two types of mounting are available for the Fortune Talisman and 12 Zodiac Animals series: float mounting and canvas. Both frame types highlight the clean lines of the prints and accentuate the beautiful colors of the paintings. The Life in Motion is available float mounted. Each mounting type comes in two sizes, and the frames can be white or black.

See the entire exhibition here at >>

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