New Book: The 100-Year Golfer by Ilchi Lee

New Book: The 100-Year Golfer by Ilchi Lee
May 27, 2022 Best Life Media
The 100-Year Golfer paperback by Ilchi Lee

Golfers and non-golfers alike will see how to turn an ordinary activity or sport into a tool for self-development in Ilchi Lee’s latest book, The 100-Year Golfer: 7 Arts for a Lifetime with the Game.

Coming out on June 20, 2022, the 286-page book promises to show you how to enjoy golf until you’re 100 years old. Based on Lee’s almost 40 years of golf experience and his more than 40 years developing and teaching mind-body methods based on energy principles, The 100-Year Golfer proposes seven arts that you can apply to your game: energy, fitness, breathing, meditation, qigong, self-healing, and consciousness. By using these arts, you can connect your mind and body for golf that is natural, joyful, and connected. Golf at every age then becomes more meaningful.

Ilchi Lee golfing

Besides applying his classic techniques to the game of golf, Ilchi Lee shares the passion and inspiration he’s received from the game through his personal stories and examples from golf experts.

The book has already been endorsed by several notable golf figures, including Sangho Choi, the South Korean golfing legend who holds the record for most wins in KPGA history; Yeonhee Han, former coach of the South Korean National Golf Team; Dave Bisbee, director of the Seven Canyons Golf Club in Sedona; Nicola Madden, Hilton Park Golf Club Ladies Club Champion, and Matt Callcott-Stevens, a writer for GolfSpan and Golf Workout Program.

The 100-Year Golfer will ultimately be released as a paperback, ebook, and audiobook. The paperback and Kindle version are now available for pre-order from major online booksellers. Those that pre-order the book can submit their receipt number, as well as their name and email, on the official book web page in order to get access to a 70-minute golf exercise video led by one of Ilchi Lee’s students, David Driscoll.

David Driscoll (left) and Dave Bisbee (right) with The 100-Year Golfer

Driscoll is also the face of the official Ilchi Brain Golf YouTube channel, which posts videos demonstrating all the techniques in the book and more. You can also learn more at the Ilchi Brain Golf Instagram account.

Fans of Ilchi Lee or those curious about the book can receive an advance copy in ebook format in exchange for writing an honest review when they sign up for the Book Launch Team. In appreciation, Best Life Media will give participants access to the pre-order golf video (mentioned above) and a two-month Premium Membership to Ilchi Lee’s educational website,

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