Mindful Living

  • Mar112023
    The Art of Coexistence by Ilchi Lee with Steve Kim

    New Ilchi Lee Book Available for Pre-Order: The Art of Coexistence

    The Art of Coexistence: How You and I Can Save the World, Ilchi Lee’s latest work, will arrive in stores…

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  • May272022
    The 100-Year Golfer paperback by Ilchi Lee

    New Book: The 100-Year Golfer by Ilchi Lee

    Golfers and non-golfers alike will see how to turn an ordinary activity or sport into a tool for self-development in…

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  • May252020
    woman lying on a bed of flowers

    3 Ways to Cope with Big Change

    Most of the world is going through changes that were unexpected and unwelcome. The changes have been rapid and confusing…

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  • Nov222019
    Woman meditating

    3 Ways to Restore Your Connection With Yourself

    If you aren’t content with where you currently are, taking a look in the mirror might be your first step…

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  • Jun102019
    Group of friends on smartphones

    How Disconnection Is Destroying Your Life

    Allowing yourself to develop strong connections in your life is one of the best things you can do for your…

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  • May302018
    grandparents who volunteer

    Being a Grandparent To All Brings More Joy To Everyone

    It’s easy to be distracted by the white noise around you at times. There are so many drains on your…

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  • May162018
    ambitious man

    Are You Too Ambitious for Your Own Good?

    Ambition is the American way. We are taught from the very beginning that any day that is not filled with…

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  • May092018
    Ilchi Lee book - Discover New Sources of Happiness

    How to Discover New Sources of Happiness

    Everybody wants happiness, but a lot of people aren’t sure how to find it. So how can we identify what makes us happy and figure out a way to incorporate that joy into our lives?

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  • Apr182018
    Ilchi Lee earth wisdom

    How Having a Good Relationship with Nature Benefits Your Health

    Since man’s existence began, this planet has provided everything needed for our species to thrive—the air, water, and soil all…

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  • Apr042018
    active seniors

    Gray Matters: Make the Second Half of Your Life as Good as the First

    Some people fear retirement, envisioning it as a time when they’ll be too old, sickly, and feeble to pursue any…

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