The Brain Power Classroom Book

The Brain Power Classroom Book


Teachers and home-schooling parents will love this book’s tips for creating a classroom conducive to learning focus and emotional well-being.


Create a Focused, Positive, and Engaged Classroom!

Through expert guidance and inspiring stories from the field, Dave Beal helps you create a Brain Power Classroom full of engaged, focused and collaborative students.

Part 1 provides scientific background, principles and insightful advice for creating an optimal classroom atmosphere. Part 2 features 30 classroom activities you can easily integrate into your current curriculum. They are divided into the “Brain Power 10 Essentials” and incorporate various modalities, such as movement, mindfulness, and focusing strategies to engage students’ multiple intelligences.

Using the tools in this book, you will be able to motivate your students to use their full brain potential as they develop into harmonious leaders with strong character and high levels of academic achievement.

About the Author
DAVE BEAL is the Program Director and Head National Trainer for Brain Power Wellness. Dave was a New York City public elementary school teacher and has spent the last nine years training thousands of educators, administrators, parents, and students to use their full brain potential. He has led experiential sessions and lectures at the United Nations, and received praise and support from the NYC Chancellor of Schools. See more about Brain Power programs at

A 2016 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards Finalist

Format: Paperback
Pages: 210
Publisher: Best Life Media (December 1, 2016)
ISBN-13: 978-1-935127-93-2

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Praise for Power Brain Programs
“As a principal who has successfully turned a struggling school from a “D” to an “A,” I have found the Brain Power program to be a truly transformational system for my staff and students. At times, it has been difficult to encourage different groups within the school to work together. The Brain Power program has facilitated a sense of collaborative teamwork, which has improved relationships and promoted the family atmosphere essential to teacher and student success. It is creating a supportive community of caring. With this positive environment, group decision making becomes easier as people are more open to new ideas. We recently celebrated this culture of health, happiness, and peace with our schoolwide “HSP Day” event. We look forward to implementing Brain Power programs at PS 1X as we continue to make great gains in our academic and social progress.”
Jorge Perdomo, Principal, PS 1X

“The Brain Power program is helping my teachers and students to manage their stress, increase concentration, and develop the internal efficacy to create peaceful ways to interact with themselves and others.”
Reva Gluck Schneider, Principal, PS 144Q

“The Brain Power program is a necessary tool to align positive energy in daily life. It fosters building healthy minds, bodies, and citizens of the earth for a better tomorrow. Brain Power rocks!”
Harriet Diaz, Principal, IS 192Q

“The Brain Power program assists me as a leader to create a school environment that is positive and collaborative. The dynamic activities that this program teaches can transform the way leaders, teachers, and students interact with each other to build trust and meaningful relationships so that the magic of teaching and learning can happen effectively.”
Deborah Sanabria, Principal, JHS 162X

“The most direct impact I see is the change in the attitude of our teachers. We are more collaborative and use Brain Power language to support each other. We are also able to support ourselves. When we make a mistake, we keep a more positive frame of mind. This positive, confident mindset is transferring to the students, who thoroughly enjoy and look forward to all our Brain Power activities.”
Bernice Acevedo, Principal, Lenox Elementary Baldwin, NY

“The Brain Power program provides great tools in which students can exercise their ability to feel confident, positive, and healthy. Our schools are grateful for taking part in the Brain Power program and working alongside such an amazing group of leaders.”
Wendy Soto, Guidance Counselor, MS 29

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