Mago’s Dream Book

Mago’s Dream Book


The inspirational messages and practical techniques in this book will unleash the healing power of our world. Meet Mago, the Soul of Mother Earth, and feel the connection.


Meet Mago, the soul of the Earth, and learn how to reconnect to her beautiful spirit of healing and motherly nurturance.

Pick up this book, make yourself comfortable, and settle into the loving arms of Mago, the Soul of Mother Earth. Mago’s Dream is a rare combination of highly inspirational messages and practical techniques that will help you connect with the healing power of the planet. By connecting with the Soul of Mother Earth, you can learn the secrets of earth wisdom and how to nurture your soul through the unconditional, motherly love of nature. Author Ilchi Lee speaks of our dependence upon Mago, our responsibility for her, and our interconnectedness as one. In experiencing the essence of Mago, we can herald in the promise of peace, happiness, and sustainability for the planet and her people.

From Mago’s Dream:

“I am not a geologist familiar with all the wonderful details of Earth’s makeup, nor am I an ardent environmental activist courageous enough to stand in front of and block bulldozers from removing trees. But I am deeply aware that I exist only because the Earth exists. I am someone who feels the Earth’s energy and soul. I feel the sadness and grief that the Earth feels as she watches her children destroy themselves along with her. I feel the Earth’s soul quiver, not with fear and anger at the destruction wrought by humanity, but with the concern and love that she holds for all of life in her bosom. I write this book to share the soul of the Earth as I feel her every day.”

Format: Cloth Hardcover
Pages: 160 pages, Black and white with photographs
Publisher: BEST Life Media (May 10, 2009)
ISBN-10: 1-935127-03-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-935127-03-1

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A wonderful guide
This book can serve as a wonderful guide, even in just what kind of questions we should be asking of ourselves…about our lives, about our connection with the earth, and the kind of questions we need to ask ourselves to find the meaning we are in search of.
– Tonya Whelan, Seattle, WA


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