Meridian Exercise for Self-Healing Book

Meridian Exercise for Self-Healing Book


Want to do your best to naturally fight common ailments, like headaches, colds, and high blood pressure? You may benefit from the holistic healing tradition of meridian exercise.


Alleviate common ailments, including headache, stress, colds, and the flu, as well as more serious conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and thyroid disorders, with this full-color, user-friendly book that identifies specific meridian exercises.

Meridian exercise is a technique developed and perfected over the course of thousands of years in the Asian holistic healing traditions. It consists of stretching, rotation, postures, acupressure, and vibration.

Perfect for home use or in an acupuncture, chiropractic, or bodywork practice, Meridian Exercise for Self-Healing is a practical reference guide and learning tool.

This book includes the following features:

  • – Low-impact, time-efficient exercises that bring relaxation, stress management, pain relief, restoration of physical health, and rebalancing of the mind
  • – Step-by-step instructions with accompanying color photos for dozens of exercises specifically designed for common symptoms
  • – Breathing and relaxation techniques to awaken innate, natural healing power and to maximize the benefits of meridian exercise
  • – Additional explanation of the meridian system of healing

About the Author
Ilchi Lee is a respected educator, mentor, and innovator devoted to developing the awakened brain and teaching energy principles. Author of 42 books, including the New York Times bestseller The Call of Sedona, Lee is the founder of Body & Brain Yoga and Brain Education, mind-body techniques designed to enhance human potential and quality of life. He began Sedona Mago Retreat, a place for spiritual awakening, and serves as president of the Korea Institute of Brain Science (KIBS), the University of Brain Education (UBE), the Global Cyber University in South Korea, and the International Brain Education Association (IBREA).

Format: Trade Paperback
Pages: 336 pages, full-color
Publisher: Best Life Media (June 2009)
ISBN-10: 1-935127-10-1
ISBN-13: 978-1-935127-10-9

Professional Reviews
I am a massage therapist who regularly sees 5-6 clients per day. So, self- care is necessary for me. This book is a great resource for me to help me stay in tip-top shape and always ready to see my clients. I also refer to this book when I need to recommend exercises for my clients to do in between their appointments with me. Great book!
– Gail Clemente, Massage Therapist, San Jose, CA

As a multi-generation acupuncturist, I know the value and benefit of meridian exercise. It’s something I teach to my clients to do at home so that they make more progress between sessions and have better results. Meridian Exercise for Self-Healing by Ilchi Lee is my go-to resource for meridian exercises because it is authentic, accurate, and comprehensive, with over 200 exercises organized by symptoms and illnesses. I think the book should be a staple in every acupuncture clinic. It’s as important as having needles!
– Banya Lim, Acupuncturist, LAc, Sedona, AZ

As an Acupuncture Physician, I encourage patients to exercise, eat well, and manage stress. I recommend patients to purchase this text for self-healing.
– Donna Kini-Bowen, Acupuncture Physician, Orlando, FL

In Meridian Exercise for Self-Healing, Ilchi Lee offers us practical wisdom in a must-have guide for anyone suffering from chronic illness, pain, or stress. As a student of acupuncture, an avid yoga practitioner, and a person living with chronic illness, I very much appreciate how this book imparts a straightforward understanding of a valuable mind-body practice. The exercises and breathing techniques are carefully explained and clearly illustrated, making them easy to perform by beginners as well as experienced students of Eastern medicine. They activate the mind-body connection and its ability, now studied intently by Western medicine, to recruit our innate natural healing response. Today, only 15% of patients with chronic illnesses require drugs or surgery; the remaining 85% need concrete recommendations to help them take active responsibility for self-care and lifestyle changes that will improve their conditions, and motivating them remains a challenge for medical professionals. This guidebook is a wonderful resource for teaching us and our patients how to better know and attend to our own wondrous mind-bodies, and provide comfort, hope, and self-healing.
– Deborah Coady, MD, OB/GYN, New York, NY

Positive Amazon Reviews
A good resource to cure any physical problem
“I always recommend this book for anyone looking to use exercise to alleviate specific body pain. My most amazing result came when I returned from vacation with sciatic pain so bad I could hardly sit in the car for long. I started doing the focused sciatic exercises daily and was without pain within a week. I now do them every other day and have had no return of pain. That series takes less than 10 minutes of my morning . . . well worth the time . . . as the book is well worth the money.” – Audrey

“Very clearly written, easy to understand and do. You can adjust the positions to fit your purpose. A book to keep on the shelf for referral. If used properly, it will help you release and maintain great health. After much research, this book confirms with other health modalities.” – Robbie la

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