The Solar Body: The Secret to Natural Healing Book

The Solar Body: The Secret to Natural Healing Book


This book will show you why raising your body temperature will lead you to the best health of your life and maintain the right energetic balance.


A bestselling author and the founder of mind-body practices with phenomenal success, Ilchi Lee now presents the secret to maintaining your natural healing power at an optimal level.

The secret is hot, because it’s about raising your body temperature and keeping its perfect energetic balance. In this condition, you let your body’s systems work at their best.

With the simple visualization, movements, breathing, and observation of the mind that make up Ilchi Lee’s Solar Body Method, anyone can enjoy the vibrant health that we all deserve. Like the sun that generates life-giving heat without fail, you can craft your body into a Solar Body that self-charges with limitless energy.

This book contains:

  • – Beautiful, full-color illustrations
  • – A mind-body practice already being taught to thousands of people in several countries
  • – Unique take on natural health

Tap into the hot secret to becoming a Solar Body. Get renewed passion and zest for life, and a glowing vitality that reaches beyond your physical health.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 251 pages
Publisher: Best Life Media (May 2015)
ISBN-13: 978-1-935127-81-9

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Reader Reviews
“I was born in a hot climate and always felt a close affinity with the sun. Somehow I always knew even as a child that it was crucial to my well being and that of the world. As I began walking on my journey of life, I wasn’t always blessed with the warmth and energy it provided due to my geographical locations. Somehow though, fate brought me towards discovering the Solar Body exercises, and I realized that I could build the power of the sun inside myself and thus never walk without it anymore, regardless of where I was geographically. If you want to be like the Sun and shine golden rays of light for yourself and all those you come in contact with, then Solar Body is for you. Today I would never dream of stepping out without putting my golden armor on! It has changed the way I see the world and made me realize what is truly possible once the power of the sun is ignited deep inside ourselves.”
— Mido Hamada, Actor known for American Sniper and 24

The Solar Body book changed my life entirely. It changed the way I perceived my body, my health, and most of all, it reconnected me with my soul. With Ilchi Lee’s teachings, I went over my limits and conquered my fears and owned my pain. As Ilchi Lee says in his book, “my body is not me but mine, my pain is not me but mine, and my fear is not me but mine.” I am learning to reconnect to the energy source and remembering my mission on this planet as a human being and as an artist.”
— Maddalena Ischiale, Actress, from the movie, Unbroken

The Solar Body provides great tools to help us on our journey of self healing.”
— Jimmy Blackburn, Vice President, TV and Multi-Platform Analytics Research and Strategy at Walt Disney

The Solar Body is a comprehensive guide to creating perfect health by harnessing the energies found all around us. When you become a Solar Body, you feel vibrant from the inside out, your skin glows radiant, your eyes shine with enthusiasm, and it feels oh-so-good to be alive. I highly recommend The Solar Body by Ilchi Lee to anyone who seeks natural health wisdom. It’s a modern day fountain of youth!”
— Shalini Vadhera Potts, global lifestyle expert and bestselling author of Passport to Beauty

“It has dramatically helped me with my severe sleep apnea. After six months of practicing Body & Brain Yoga and the Solar Body Method, I do not need to use the CPAP machine anymore. I especially love the great benefit of having energy and focus throughout my busy 10- to 12-hour work day. From a professional standpoint, I am seeing great improvement in my patients’ issues with overweight, blood pressure, arthritis, spinal problems, muscle spasms, insomnia, stress, and, last but not least, anxiety and depression. I highly recommend Body & Brain Yoga and the Solar Body Method as very effective alternative healing modalities for physical, emotional, and mental well-being.”
— Beauty M. Swe, MD, Physician of Internal Medicine, Pasadena, CA

The Solar Body has become my bible to total wellness. It completely re-framed the way that I understand my health and helped me understand the ONE thing that my body is looking for when it’s feeling sluggish or wants to reach for that extra snack (even if I’ve already eaten), which gave me the power to give my body what it really wants—instead of a substitute that would throw my body out of balance. This change in perspective organically led to a 85 pound weight loss within in the first six months. Ummm… Ah-mazing! My search for health, diet, exercise information is finally over. And I was able to make the glorious shift into the healthy lifestyle that I’ve been trying-to-talk-myself-into for the past twenty years… I’m thrilled!”
— Rebecca Tinkle, Author of The Secret of Mago Castle


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