Dahn Yoga Energy Breathing (Self-Training) (MP3 Download)

Dahn Yoga Energy Breathing (Self-Training) (MP3 Download)

If you’re into self-training, you’ll want to check this download out—it will relieve pain and discomfort, fight stress, and help your energy levels go through the roof.

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This enjoyable self-training will guide you to discover greater energy, stress management, relaxation, pain relief, core strength, and rejuvenation through Dahn Yoga energy breathing postures. The introductory section provides you with greater understanding of the breathing method and the principles that underlie the practice. Two tracks of easy-to-follow warm-up exercises will help relax and prepare your body for the actual postures. Each of the five postures is then explained in detail as you are gently guided to the correct energy-building posture. After the breathing postures, cool-off exercises help reinvigorate the flow of energy throughout the body. In all, there is over an hour’s worth of workout to improve your flexibility and stimulate the flow of energy throughout the body. A ten-page explanatory booklet is also included.

This self-training features:

  • – Gentle guidance from a highly experienced instructor
  • – Detailed explanation of Dahn Yoga energy breathing theory and practice
  • – Easy-to-follow warm-up and cool-off exercises
  • – A fully illustrated information booklet
  • – Inspiring music to relax and energize your body

Track List

  1. Introduction (05:04)
  2. Warm Up Exercises Part 1 (12:44)
  3. Warm Up Exercises Part 2 (09:19)
  4. Jung-Choong Breathing No.1 (06:41)
  5. Jung-Choong Breathing No.2 (05:22)
  6. Jung-Choong Breathing No.3 (05:16)
  7. Jung-Choong Breathing No.4 (05:12)
  8. Jung-Choong Breathing No.2 (03:05)
  9. Jung-Choong Breathing No.5 (05:44)
  10. Cool Off Exercises (05:41)

Dahn Yoga Education is an institution that researches and develops educational materials for Dahn Yoga practitioners with the help and support of Dahn Yoga professionals.

Free PDF of the CD jacket with download.


Format: MP3
Time: 64:12, 10 Tracks
Publisher: BEST Life Media; 1st edition (November 20, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0979938821
ISBN-13: 978-0979938825


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