Music for Brain Wave Vibration (MP3 Download)

Music for Brain Wave Vibration (MP3 Download)


This collection of music will soothe and calm your brain waves, while it inspires you. The songs are available as singles or as a collection.


This album, a companion to Ilchi Lee’s book Brain Wave Vibration, contains a collection of music ideally suited for use with his brain fitness method. This music will transport your soul to a place of peaceful contentment, and it will inspire you to move freely with the healing rhythms of your body.

Brain Wave Vibration is a powerful, easy-to-follow brain health method that helps people bring their bodies and minds back into balance for total health, happiness, and peace. The simplest form of practice merely requires that you move your body to your own internal rhythms. As you do so, you will shake off all the tension and worries that plague your body and mind, allowing you to return to a place of complete health. Use this music to help enhance your experience.

Several tracks feature traditional sa-mul-nori, an ancient Korean drumming art. Consisting of a combination of drums and gongs, Brain Wave Vibration creator Ilchi Lee believes it to be extremely well-suited for practice, since it reflects the dynamic rhythms of nature and the universe.

Track List

  1. Intro: Whistle (1:12)
  2. Belly Drumming (3:06)
  3. Vibration I (Sa-mul-no-ri) (10:32)
  4. Vibration II (Kil-goon-ahk) (5:10)
  5. Vibration III (Sa-mul-no-ri with voice) (16:11)
  6. Flute for Meditation (6:54)

Format: MP3
Time: 43:08, 6 Tracks
Publisher: Best Life Media; 1st edition (June 15, 2008)
ISBN-13: 978-1-935127-01-7
UPC: 891397002827


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