Nature Heals: Meditations for Self-Healing (MP3 Download)

Nature Heals: Meditations for Self-Healing (MP3 Download)


Let nature be your guide, and let the trees, wind, earth, sun, water, and rain heal your mind, body, spirit, and soul.


Human beings are an integral part of the planet. The same life force that flows through the natural world exists in each one of us. In Nature Heals: Meditations for Self-Healing, you are invited to immerse yourself in the elemental properties of the planet (rain, water, sun, trees, wind, and earth) and experience the earth’s healing energies firsthand.

The six elemental themes on these tracks are connected by the cycles of nature. The rain falls, the streams fill, the sun emerges, the soil nourishes, the plants grow, and the air is oxygenated. It is a never-ending cycle and circle of life—of energy. Energy has the power to heal. Through the flow of energy, you can unleash your own natural healing ability.

These meditations will enhance your capacity to experience and communicate with the tremendous living world that exists all around and within you. By tapping into the natural elements, you can encounter the earth’s wisdom and witness principles of life that are both hidden and pervasive in the natural world.

Track List

  1. Introduction (7:14)
  2. Rain: Acceptance (9:55)
  3. Water: Purification (13:09)
  4. Sun: Power (11:20)
  5. Trees: Communication (11:24)
  6. Wind: Freedom (11:09)
  7. Earth: Gratitude (14:05)


Format: MP3
Time: 78:11, 7 Tracks
Publisher: BEST Life Media (August, 2010)
Voice Actor: Michael Munson
ISBN-13: 978-1-935127-46-8 (Audio CD)
UPC: 891397002025 (Audio CD)


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