LifeParticles Energy Meditation Card

LifeParticles Energy Meditation Card


When you’re on the go and you want to center yourself, reach for this pocket-sized meditation card of the LifeParticle sun to help heal your body and mind.


A pocket energy meditation card with the LifeParticle Sun image based on sacred geometry. Use it to send and receive LifeParticles on the go.

LifeParticles Energy Meditation
with the help of the LifeParticles Card

  1. Relax your neck and shoulders. Straighten your back in a comfortable sitting or standing posture. Breathe comfortably.
  2. Hold the LifeParticles Card with your hand and look at the image of the star in the center, which Ilchi Lee refers to as the LifeParticle Sun. From the center of the cosmos, it constantly emits LifeParticles, giving life to and healing all things.
  3. After gazing at the image for a while, close your eyes while retaining the image in your mind.
    Visualize the LifeParticle Sun emitting bright golden light and LifeParticles entering the central point between your eyebrows.
  4. Imagine golden LifeParticles and subtle vibrations flowing down from your brain to your throat, chest, and lower abdomen, spreading throughout your body and along your spine.
  5. Feel the changes in your body with your eyes closed. Your head becomes cooler. Your chest is warm and open. Your lower abdomen is hot and filled with energy. Your lower back is straight and your whole body encapsulated with bright golden light.
  6. Chemical, physical, and spiritual changes occur in your body. Healing happens naturally. Breathing becomes deep and effortless.
  7. Imagine the light and vibrations of LifeParticles traveling to all the parts of your skin, bones, cells, and blood vessels, purifying and healing your whole body.
  8. You can send LifeParticles to a specific part of your body by intentionally focusing on that part or by placing the LifeParticles Card on a specific part of your body. (Leave a little bit of space between the card and your body so that the card does not directly touch your body.)
  9. Finish by deeply inhaling and exhaling, then rub your palms together and sweep them over your face and neck to refresh your energy.

Learn more about LifeParticles with this short e-book. Click to download A World of Possibilities: Living with LifeParticles.


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